Fewer Firearms for Those Convicted of Domestic Violence Crimes in Maryland

While not overtly a domestic violence bill, HB294 revises Public Safety Article §5-101(b-1)(2)(i) so a person, who receives a probation before judgment for second degree assault that is a “domestically related crime” (as defined in Criminal Procedure Article §6-233), is disqualified from owning a firearm. Domestically related crimes generally are crimes against a person who would be eligible for a domestic violence protective order or who had a sexual relationship with the perpetrator within 12 months of the crime. Under existing domestic violence law (which are civil matters), the respondent/alleged abuser must relinquish any firearms while the protective order is in place. HB294 applies to criminal cases. Effective October 1, 2017, persons convicted of crimes arising from domestic violence will be prevented, under certain circumstances, from owning firearms.

This bill was developed as part of the Governor’s Family Violence Council. For more information on HB294:

To view the bill:


To watch a video replay of the bill hearing: http://mgahouse.maryland.gov/…/d12361bb-0a34-4aa5-a558-b7…/…

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