When a Spouse Passes Away During Divorce

A recent Washington Post piece sheds light on an overshadowed aspect of divorce – the passing of a spouse during divorce.

Divorce is difficult enough; a spouse’s passing during divorce exponentially more so. Because…the surviving spouse’s grief often goes unrecognized; the surviving spouse may be excluded by surviving family; the contradictory emotions; the layers of loss – of the relationship and marriage, plus of the spouse.

This is not unique to “grey divorce” between more mature couples. Rather, there are the unexpected tragedies and diagnoses, as well as divorce prompted by long-term or terminal illness of a spouse, which strike at any age.

The emotional aspects are further complicated by the legal implications. With a shift from the financial focus of a divorce division to inheritance issues of an estate. Which may entail a change in attorneys from divorce counsel to an estates and trusts attorney.

It is an end without the closure of divorce.

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