When the Going Gets Tough – Do Couples Go to Counseling?

When the going gets tough for couples, there are many counseling options to explore before choosing to divorce.

I discuss individual counseling in a previous post.  Individual counseling often compliments couples-based counseling.

Discernment counseling is used to determine whether to work on the marriage, pursue a divorce, or temporarily separate. This is ideal for couples ambivalent about their relationship or when one spouse wants to keep the marriage and the other does not.

Couples or relationship counseling focuses on improving the relationship. It may be used to reconcile a broken marriage or to prevent a relationship from heading that direction.

Family counseling involves the children or other family members, if they contribute to the relationship strain.

Then, there are counseling-based relationship retreats and “bootcamps”, for intense, multi-day reconnection and counseling. A therapist can point you to programs in your area.

Also, counseling centers offer workshops on topics such as communication and support groups for struggling couples. A therapist or local counseling center can point you toward upcoming programs and groups.

If you do not know a therapist to contact, ask other professionals (like your doctor), check your insurance’s in-network providers, or reach out to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if your employer provides one. And, if you have an attorney, he or she can point you to resources too.

Everyone who divorces comes to the decision differently. Tough situations usually call for professional help. Your marriage is no different.

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