Free Legal Information Website for Veterans – Including Family Law

by | Jul 13, 2017

Thanks to a partnership between ARAG® Legal Insurance, CuroLegal and the American Bar Association, a new website – – offers answers to legal questions of veterans, focusing on family law, housing, and employment.

“The website currently focuses on family law, housing and employment. Users are asked to provide their ZIP code and are asked a series of questions….

Underneath each question is a “more information” option. For example, the option underneath a question about unequal pay tells the user that federal law and the laws of most states don’t allow larger employers to pay workers differently because of gender, race, national origin, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation or age.

At the end of the survey, users are informed about areas of the law where they may have claims and action they can take. Those who have claims related to property distribution in a divorce, for example, are advised to gather documents to support the value of assets and debt.

Users can text or email a copy of the page summarizing their potential legal issues to themselves or others so it can be discussed with an advocate or family member.”