Initial Consultations

by | Jun 27, 2017

An initial consultation with an attorney can feel like there is no turning back. Because, amidst the chaos of your family situation, meeting with an attorney is concrete and real. Like you’ve set something in motion.


This fear can keep a person from reaching out to an attorney. Even when he or she desperately needs help and guidance to make sense of the chaos.


Viewed another way, the initial consultation is your time. To educate yourself and learn about options. To introduce yourself to an attorney. Information gathering.


If anything, an initial consultation is empowering. Empowering you after the consultation to reflect, consider your options, and – when the time is right – decide on and take the next step.


Every person is on a journey and every path is different. Don’t let worry over contacting an attorney leave you navigating the chaos without a map. Gather information, as if it were a map, so you can choose the right path for you and your family.