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Attorney Lindsay Parvis

Since 2002, Lindsay Parvis has represented clients in Maryland custody, divorce, and marital matters. She negotiates, litigates, and advocates for the best interests of her clients, whether in contested litigation, uncontested settlement, or premarital and other agreements. Her clients are not only spouses and parents, but also children whose interests she is appointed by the court to represent in contested custody litigation. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke and University of Baltimore School of Law. Lindsay strives to improve Maryland law in the General Assembly, volunteering her time to monitor, advocate, and educate about legislative developments in family law.

Lindsay is a family law attorney at Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA, with offices in Rockville and Greenbelt, Maryland.

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       Family Advocacy  &

  Compassionate Representation



Divorce is a process of disentangling and redefining.  Everything takes new shape – the family, parental responsibilities, cashflow, and property.


Interaction with the court is inevitable for most families with legal matters, whether contested or uncontested.



My practice focuses on families in transition, representing them through their legal challenges as they redefine and reshape roles.



An agreement gives the parties a voice in and control over its terms, which can be personalized to the parties’ unique circumstances and goals.

Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is a process in which the parties work with a parent coordinator to reduce the effects or potential effects of conflict on the parties’ child.



Mediation is a settlement process in which a trained neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates the development and exchange of proposals between parties.


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“Change happens whether we are ready or not. I strive for a combination of compassionate understanding and strategic advice because every client’s experience, readiness & needs are unique. We face life’s challenges & their family’s changes together.”

Obtaininig a Diffucult Divorce

Ms. Parvis maneuvered the treacherous waves and kept me off the rocks in gaining me a divorce. It was not your standard separation and divorce; we maintained the same residence the entire 2* years but Lindsay was able to get a mutual agreement so I could proceed with getting a divorce. She helped me realize what was realistic to expect as far as a fair expectation and what I should just “let it go” I. In the end, it became a business agreement. Lindsay helped me obtain my freedom with a fair and equitable settlement. She rocks!


Highly Recommend

I hired Lindsay to represent me during a divorce proceeding. While no one looks forward to this process, Lindsay’s knowledge, professionalism, and compassion made the process much easier than expected. Based upon my experience I would highly recommend Lindsay.

Kevin S

Grateful To Have Lindsay as My Attorney!

I am very grateful to have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Lindsay to initially help me with my post-nup and then finally with my divorce. She has a very professional and calming way about her that helped me to not get overly emotional during either process. She was timely to respond to emails and phone calls and kept me on track when I was slow to respond back to her. She was also fantastic at explaining everything to me regarding the pros and cons of my choices for the post-nup so I felt as if I was making the best decision for myself. Lindsay came recommended to me from a friend and it was definitely a great recommendation. I would highly recommend Lindsay to someone who is going through the difficult process of a divorce or needs assistance with either a pre- or post-nup agreement.