Parenting Coordination


Parenting Coordination a process in which the parties work with a parent coordinator to reduce the effects or potential effects of conflict on the parties’ child.  A parent coordinator is a neutral, in that the parent coordinator does not represent, advocate for, or advise either party.  A parent coordinator may be hired by the parties or appointed by the court.When providing parent coordination services, I work with the parties to:

  • Develop an agreed plan for custody and visitation if there is no agreement or court order
  • Resolve disputes about the interpretation of and compliance with the order and in making any joint recommendations to the court for any changes to the order
  • Educate about making and implementing decisions that are in the best interest of the child
  • Develop guidelines for appropriate communication between them
  • Suggest helpful resources for the family
  • Modify patterns of behavior and develop parenting strategies to manage and reduce opportunities for conflict in order to reduce the impact of any conflict upon their child
  • Decide post-judgment disputes by making minor, temporary modifications to child access provisions ordered by the court if:
    • The judgment or post-judgment order of the court authorizes such decision making, and
    • the parties have agreed in writing or on the record that the post-judgment parenting coordinator may do so.

As a parent coordinator, I can testify in court as a fact witness and produce documents, in response to a subpoena. Parent coordination is an opportunity for families to resolve conflict and learn or improve upon co-parenting skills, with the potential for avoiding future or further contested custody litigation.

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