divorce/ conflict


Divorce is a process of disentangling and redefining.  Everything takes new shape – the family, parental responsibilities, cashflow, and property.

Divorce involves:

  • Legally dissolving the marriage
  • Dividing parental responsibilities between two homes
  • Identifying and valuing marital and non-marital property
  • Dividing marital property
  • Evaluating spouses’ cashflow
  • Determining support obligations to one another and their children

No two families are alike.  Every divorce is unique, defined by the family’s specific needs, concerns, goals, and priorities.

Divorce can be uncontested and amicably resolved (though, admittedly, even as amicable as it may be, there will be difficult and unpleasant moments).  Or, it can be contested and resolved by highly complex and conflicted litigation.

My practice focuses on families in transition and the legal challenges they face, no matter how contested or uncontested, through the disentanglement of divorce and as they redefine themselves for the future.

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