alimony law



Alimony is a periodic payment by one spouse for the support of the other because of differences in their incomes and ability to be self-supporting.   

Alimony is one of the more complex issues in divorce because:

  • There are two types of alimony – rehabilitative and indefinite
  • Alimony awarded by a court is modifiable, so can be changed or extended when material changes in circumstance arise
  • There is not a mandatory formula for determining whether alimony should be awarded or the amount, rather, alimony depends upon a number of factors
  • Judges vary widely about whether to award alimony, the amount, and duration, making it difficult to predict what a court would do
  • Alimony awarded by a court is modifiable, which means it can be changed, both in amount and duration, when a material change occurs
  • By agreement, alimony can be non-modifiable and alimony terms can be customized in ways not allowed by a court

Together, my client and I work as a team to:

  • Assess the client’s alimony claim and/or risk
  • Pursue or defend alimony claims in court
  • Personalize alimony settlement and agreement drafting to the client’s unique circumstances
  • Modify alimony
  • Terminate court-awarded alimony and earnings withholding orders
  • Collect and enforce alimony awards

Since 2002, I have helped clients navigate the complications of alimony and the security of their financial futures.

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