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Mediation is settlement process in which a trained neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates the development and exchange of proposals between parties with the goal of a mutually agreeable settlement.  A mediator facilitates settlement but does not advise or advocate a participant’s best interests, which is the role of an attorney. 

My mediation services can be customized to meet a family’s or client’s unique needs, for example:

  • Serving as a neutral mediator, whether attorneys participate or not
  • Recommending potential mediators to my clients
  • Participating in and advocating for my clients at mediation sessions
  • Advising and developing mediation strategy with my clients who participate in mediation on their own
  • Drafting and formalizing mediated settlement agreements on behalf of my clients
  • Reviewing, advising about, and revising mediator or opposing counsel drafted settlement agreements


Mediation gives a family a voice in and control over the outcome, while maximizing creative problem solving for the benefit of their unique needs.

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