Agreements may be called for in a variety of family legal situations:

  • Marital agreements for divorcing spouses about their children, property, and finances
  • Parenting agreements for separated parents about parenting responsibilities and financial support for their children
  • Premarital/Prenuptial for future spouses for asset and financial protection
  • Postnuptial & Reconciliation for married spouses to protect assets and finances after marriage or when remaining together after marital difficulties
  • Cohabitation for unmarried persons who live together about their financial and property responsibilities

Many family legal matters involve a written and signed agreement.  An agreement gives the parties a voice in and control over its terms, which can be personalized to the parties’ unique circumstances and goals.  To address current concerns and clarify expectations about the future.

My agreement-related services involve:

  • Advising my clients about the advantages and disadvantages of an agreement and specific terms
  • Negotiating agreements on behalf of my client and their best interests
  • Mediating agreement terms on behalf of mediation clients
  • Drafting and customizing an agreement to my client’s unique circumstances
  • Reviewing and revising mediator or opposing counsel drafted settlement agreements for my client’s benefit
  • Helping parents reach agreements through dispute resolution, such as Early Neutral Case Evaluation and Parent Coordination
  • Enforcing agreements to obtain compliance
  • Modifying agreements when material changes in circumstances arise involving children, child support, or alimony and other modifiable terms
  • Pursuing clarification over disputes about an agreement’s meaning


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