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Property Division

Part of the divorce process involves dividing marital property, which calls for identifying and valuing marital and non-marital property, and equitably (so, fairly) dividing marital property.

I work with my divorce clients step-by-step to:

  • Identify, value, and trace:
    • pre-marital and non-marital property
    • existing marital property
    • any “dissipated” or  “extant” property (property that existed prior to the irreconcilable breakdown of the marriage, but was transferred or used for purposes unrelated to the marriage)
  • Develop a customized strategy for pursuing my client’s share of marital property
  • Pursue that strategy, whether through negotiation and settlement or contested litigation
  • Navigate completion of property transfers after settlement or trial

As an “equitable division” state, property division in Maryland is based upon what is fair, not a mandatory formula.

Division of marital property can be complicated when, for example:

  • A spouse seeks to protect non-marital property, especially when it may have been combined with marital property
  • A spouse has used marital property for non-family purposes
  • Premarital assets have been titled in both spouses’ names
  • Valuation of certain property is disputed
  • Expert valuations are needed of difficult to value assets
  • The spouses owe significant debts or the value of property is less than the loans owed to acquire it

Whether in contested litigation or amicable settlement, since 2002, I have helped clients navigate the challenges of property division in divorce.

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