Settlement is the goal of negotiation.  Negotiation involves exchanging proposals, attempting to reach mutually agreeable terms, and, if accepted, formalizing an agreement resolving the matter.

Negotiation takes many forms, such as:

  • “Kitchen table” negotiations, in which the parties discuss settlement terms between themselves without attorneys present (but for which a client may prepare with an attorney in advance)
  • Attorney-to-attorney negotiations, in which parties are represented by attorneys who negotiate on behalf of their clients
  • 4-Way negotiations, at which parties and their attorneys are present and negotiate in person
  • A combination of these

Most family legal matters settle, calling for skilled negotiation planning and services. 

My client and I work as a team to: 

  • Discuss my client’s goals, needs, concerns, and priorities
  • Develop a customized negotiation plan and strategy
  • Create and make or analyze and strategically respond to settlement proposals
  • Review and revise or draft negotiated settlement agreements

Settlement is the most customizable way to resolve family legal matters because the parties are not limited the way a court is when deciding a litigated case.  Negotiation gives a family a voice in and control over the outcome, while benefitting from creative problem solving for their unique needs.


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