Collaborative Settlement


The Collaborative Process is an out-of-court settlement process which requires a mutual commitment among all participants (clients and attorneys) to transparency and a good faith commitment to settlement.  The Process ends if a party does not act in good faith or files litigation and may require the attorney to end representation.

The Collaborative Process generally involves a series of 4-way settlement meetings, at which parties and their attorneys focus on goals and concerns, brainstorm and evaluate potential solutions, and work toward mutually beneficial settlement terms.  Experts may be consulted when, for example assistance is needed to value assets, ascertain children’s preferences, evaluate cashflow, or for support discussing difficult subjects.

As a collaboratively trained attorney, I represent clients who formally choose the Collaborative Process to resolve their family legal matters, as well as using the skills and techniques in other amicable settlement settings.

Settlement is the most customizable way to resolve family legal matters because the parties are not limited the way a court is when deciding a litigated case.  The Collaborative Process gives a family a voice in and control over the process and outcome, guided by the family’s best interests.




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